Tell me if you’ve heard this (true) story before… A Partner calls up the Marketing team and says that he is going to be attending a conference this weekend and wants to get some background information on a small group of General Counsels (GC’s) that will be attending. Immediately, Marketing calls the library and asks

If you’re like me, you probably read more blogs than you do magazines or maybe even newspapers. It’s a great platform that allows anyone (good or bad) to write about the topics that are interesting to them. I remember my boss back in 2003 talk about blogging, and I thought it sounded like the craziest

It’s been a very interesting year for Thomson Reuters and their WestlawNext product. This week, the folks at WestlawNext returned to LegalTech in New York to mark the anniversary (and for many of us law librarians, remind us that they still wish to get around us to sell this to your organization.) So, besides what

Every once in a while, we like to lob a softball out for everyone to answer. Of course, if you hate what you do, then I guess this wouldn’t really be a softball question for you (good luck on the job search when the economy rebounds, though!) For the rest of us, there are just

Ok. The last time the Legal Directories Publishing Co. sent me a fax just a few months ago, I threatened to blog about it but didn’t do it.
Unbelievably, they did it again.
Hello! It is 2011, people.
Let’s see a show of hands–how many of you have a fax machine?
The only thing

Welcome to this week’s Elephant Post Question. I’m Greg Lambert, and you’re not.

Since we’re only a couple of days away from Christmas, we thought we’d throw out a fun Elephant Post this week that was 35 years in the making. We love Monty Python, and Star Trek, and Star Wars, and Doctor Who… but

Mark Herrmann at ATL, wrote an excellent piece on “Is blogging a useful business development tool?” I thoroughly enjoyed the piece, but take issue with a core aspect of his thesis. He notes that “Blogging can be very rewarding in many different ways, but it will create only a very few (if any) serious