A few weeks ago I wrote a post attempting to define KM. It was simplistic and possibly naïve, but you have to start somewhere. Since then, I’ve come to realize that beyond a conceptual understanding of KM, you shouldn’t waste too much time trying to define it. The search for a single definition that

We’ve all probably sat through those “60 Apps in 60 Minutes” programs at a conference and watched as a bevy of applications flew past us on the screen. Those are cool, but what how many of those do we actually use when we get back to our office? So, we’ve asked you to share with

We have some interesting contributions this week on what the legal industry needs more of right now. I was a little disappointed that my friend Emily didn’t follow through on her dibs on “cowbell” – just because I really wanted her to say something like “The legal industry’s got a fever and the only prescription is more

If you’re like me, you probably read more blogs than you do magazines or maybe even newspapers. It’s a great platform that allows anyone (good or bad) to write about the topics that are interesting to them. I remember my boss back in 2003 talk about blogging, and I thought it sounded like the craziest

What Surprised You The Most About Your Profession?

Whether you are new to your profession, or are about to retire, there were some expectations you had when you came in that turned out to not be as you thought it would be. For example, I thought that working in a Law School as a law

Not everything that you need to use at work has to be expensive. In fact, many of us use free or open source software all the time. So, this week’s Elephant Post question is:

What Free (or very low-cost) Product do you use everyday that helps you accomplish your job?

Although the saying of “you

In an era where the business model seems to be “do more with less”, improving productivity is important in achieving this goal. We’re all looking for tips and suggestions that others are using to increase productivity, so we thought we’d compile a few from different perspectives on this question:
What is something you can do