Over a dinner with a very smart bunch of people at the ILTA Conference in Nashville an excellent question came up: What will the AmLaw 100 look like in 2020? Everyone there gave very thoughtful and reasonable predictions. We discussed ideas like more out-sourcing of work, better use of cloud-based apps, using analysis KM tools,

Image [cc] Cody Simms

It seems that every day for the past month I’ve had someone that I really admire ask me “Are you going to be at ILTA?” Sadly, I will not be traveling to Nashville to partake in the activities, social gatherings, and general awesomeness that looks like will be the case at

Although we know that many of you 3Geek readers are extremely shy about expressing your opinions, we invite you to share your thoughts, visions, and suggestions here to help shape one of the BarCamp sessions at the upcoming ILTA Conference. Note that we encourage you to comment whether or not you’re planning to attend

The annual ILTA conference, coming up next week, is one of the best educational and networking opportunities out there. The program offerings are overwhelming, both in number and quality. The topics, although grounded in technology, reach out into almost every corner of law firm functions. This results in a great environment for sharing ideas,