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As I sit here in a hotel room editing this post, and going over my notes for the four presentations I am giving at AALL this year, I realized that I’m taking to heart some of the perspectives we gather on this week’s Elephant Post. There were many good suggestions on

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Almost without fail, whenever I bring up the issue of Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools with others in the legal industry, the conversation ends up talking about what an overall failure the CRM resource ended up being, but because the firm invested so much time, money and people into the

We seemed to have asked about a hot topic issue this week when we wondered if non-lawyers that work at a law firm should be visible through the firm’s website. This actually may be the Elephant Post with the most contributions (18 total), and although most answered “Yes”, it wasn’t even close to a unanimous

After a few weeks of being serious with the Elephant Post questions, we decided to tone it down a little bit this week and let you stretch your Pop-Culture muscles and tell us what movie or television show, that features lawyers, you think is the greatest of all time. I mentioned last week that Joss