There was an interesting ruling out of the Eastern District of New York last month where a Defendant argued that data found on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites prevents the Plaintiff from claiming Trade Secret protection on its Client Relationship database. In Sasqua Group, Inc. v. Courtney, [PDF], Sasqua Group’s owner,

The Uhms enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit through Humana Health Plans, Inc. They enrolled, Humana took their $6.90 for two months, but apparently forgot to actually enroll them in the plan. So after weeks of trying to get Humana to make things right, the Uhms did what any red-blooded American wants

Sometimes reading the morning legal headlines can be funnier than reading the comics. This morning I came across two articles where Judges dismissed the cases and also blasted the plaintiffs for submitting petitions to the court that either didn’t list a single legal reference to back up the claim, or attempted the “everything and the

Texas resident Karen McPeters has brought a class action lawsuit against Montgomery County Judge Fredrick E. Edwards, Montgomery County Court Clerk Barbara Gladden Adamick, and LexisNexis claiming that requiring her to exclusively file documents through LexisNexis’ FileandServe product is a violation of US and Texas laws, and that the county and LexisNexis are engaged in

This morning, William Knott, a spokesman for the US Supreme Court, made a surprise announcement that the US Supreme Court will phase out releasing court opinions in PDF format and will begin releasing all Court materials to fit Apple’s new iPad format.  The multi-million dollar agreement between SCOTUS and Apple launches a new approach for