Obviously, everything we need is on the Internet, right??

That’s what Josie D. Schoolcraft wrote to the Editor of the Bullard Banner Newspaper. Ms. Schoolcraft believes that Cherokee County Texas is wasting the $4,176 in annual salary that goes to the person that maintains the books in the county’s law library. Is she right? Is it a waste to update those books when everything the courts and the public need from its law library can be accessed via the Internet, and I’m assuming through the magic of Google?

We hear it all the time that everything we need is on the Internet. What do you say when someone walks into a county law library and complains that all these books are a waste of honest working taxpayers’ money?? Here’s a snippet of Ms. Schoolcraft’s letter to the editor. Perhaps it might be a great idea for someone in AALL’s State, Court and County Special Interest Section to email the Bullard Banner News Editor, Don Treul (editor@bullardnews.com) with a response?

Did you know Cherokee County pays for a library of hardbound books and also pays for internet access to the same resources? Why are commissioners wasting our money by paying for the same information from two sources? We also have an employee who is paid an additional yearly salary of $4,176. for maintaining the books in Cherokee County’s law library as well as a regular salary for being an indigent health clerk. Why are commissioners paying a person to maintain a law library when the internet access is all that is needed? You can see this salary for yourself on Cherokee County’s Web site at www.co.cherokee.tx.us, then Budgets on left side of screen.

Got an answer for Ms. Schoolcraft?? I’m not sure her local county officials are giving her an adequate answer to her question.