Two things jumped out at me in yesterday’s discussion on the PLL Listserv regarding paid online services:

  1. Firms are in the midst of a major debate on Cost Recovery
  2. Librarians are worried about the subscription services of the future

For #1, I have made clear my positions on cost recovery in both a blog post

One of my friends (who also happens to be a Westlaw Rep) mentioned that she had some clients that were confused when I discussed “Cost Recovery” in the past:

They are on flat rates, and are small 3 or 4 atty firms….so they were relieved to learn that oddly enough, usage has nothing

A lot of us in the law firm library field have been asking for database and resource “monitoring” software for a few years now. Most of us have had our requests rejected because the cost of the software was seen as too high, or the benefits from such software were seen as too low back

[Please welcome 3 Geeks’ Guest Blogger, Mark Gediman]My Grandfather was notorious about finding a deal. He would go into a major department store and dicker with them over their prices. To him, the published price was just a starting point and he refused to buy unless he thought he was getting the price that