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Thomson Reuter’s flagship financial product, Eikon, is turning out to be more like the Titanic after hitting an iceberg. According to reports from the New York Observer, Thomson Reuters has laid off around 3,000 employees, most from the financial sector, including sales, training and analysts’ divisions. In addition to these,

The marriage between Bloomberg and BNA seems to be moving right along. Today, Bloomberg Law announced that BNA’s CEO, Greg McCaffery, is now the CEO of Bloomberg Law, taking the place of the retiring Larry Thompson. McCaffery has been at BNA since 1986 where he moved up from staff Editor to COO and then President/CEO.

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[Note: I received this guest post last week, but the writer asked to remain anonymous. Quite frankly, this wasn’t the first time I heard someone voice this opinion, so let us know if you think they are on-point with this post, or if you think Bloomberg Law isn’t just a different