So much for Bloomberg Law’s transparency in pricing! If the statement below from the April 23, 2012 Law Librarian Blog post “Blaw Makes Its Push into Law Schools” is accurate it appears BLaw pricing transparency is out the window as there is a different price for law school libraries versus law firm libraries.

“Any school that subscribes to the BNA Premier Service will receive a significant discount on their subscription charge and free access to Bloomberg Law.”  

And the main requirement for getting this pricing is the law school must provide parity in promotion of the BLaw service similar to the law schools promotion of Lexis and Westlaw!
Seems unfair to me! Law firms have to ultimately pay $356/user/month to move their BNA content to the BLaw platform and law schools get it for free and they also get a big discount on their BNA subscription charges
  • Anonymous

    I guess all's fair in love, war, and legal research products. Bloomberg has a serious uphill battle to climb and the easiest way to get into the firms is to have those bright-eyed, bushy-tailed incoming 3L's bring it with them this summer. Law Schools have always been a loss-leader for West and Lexis. It just seems that Mayor Mike is ready to up the ante in that game.

  • Anonymous

    Law students don't bill clients, they're in school to learn. Schools are a loss-leader for everyone, because they're viewed as an investment in future paying customers.