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Mysteries, the law and movies: podcasts for everyone by @Lihsa

A quick post: I’m not feeling very well–Houston allergies.

Fun fact: if you move to Houston, you will develop allergies within 2 years of moving here. Because it is abnormally warm, allergy cycles are accelerating. Tomorrow it is going to be 84 degrees Fahrenheit with

Advice to new lawyers by @Lihsa

Dream big

“When you shoot for the stars, you will land on the moon.” My grandfather taught me this. He was a high school principal who talked me out of teaching.

Instead, I listed my dreams and turned them into goals. One of them was to be a writer.

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I’ve been blogging for over ten years now. And during that time, I’ve learned a thing or two about the craft.

Blogging has quite a distinctive style. There are a couple of ways I could go with this post: talk about the art of writing, posting techniques or