Top 5 posts of 2018I haven’t written in a while–I’ll blame it on too much work and too little time. So I thought I’d highlight the good work of the other Geeks.

Here’s a list of the blog’s top 5 posts for 2018, in true Letterman style.

Number 5: Lessons from a Future Life

By Ryan McLead, he shares his thoughts on starting his new business.

Number 4: Law Firm Innovation: When the Client is Not the Customer

Greg Lambert asks, “who is the customer of legal innovation”?

Number 3: Design Thinking Matters –  A Wish for 2019

Zena Applebaum shares her thoughts on design thinking in the context of legal.

Number 2: Podcast E19: LexisNexis – Jeff Pfeifer on Being Like a Startup

Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert talk to Jeff Pfeifer during their visit to the LexisNexis Technology Center.

Number 1: Podcast E14: Jeff Marple and the Art of Incremental Change; Plus Free PACER

Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert talk to Jeff Marple the director of innovation, corporate legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance company and Emily Feltren, the director of government relations at AALL.

Happy holidays, everyone!