It’s that time of year: time for top 10 lists for 2017.

What is your favorite top 10 list for 2017? Top movies? Top books? Top cars?

Well, here’s one more: our top ten 3 Geeks blog posts for 2017 in true Letterman style.

Top 10 3 Geeks blog posts for 2017 - Lihsa at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

No. 10
Legal News Publishers: Stop Using the Term “Non-Lawyer”

No. 9
The Best Law Firm Marketing Bullshit — Tier 1

No. 8
“Do You Miss Me Yet?” – Reestablishing the Corporate Librarians

No. 7
My Remarks and Highlights from the AALL 2017 Conference

No. 6
One more time: law firm libraries are not about space

No. 5
Law Firm BS – Tier 3

No. 4
Who leads the law library? How about law librarians?

No. 3
Why sole provider isn’t really a thing and I’m not going to say it anymore

No. 2
Why now? The rise of alternative legal service providers

No. 1
On Law Firm Marketing Bullshit

And  that’s it, folks–happy holidays!