It is not often that my role in the world as the Canadian Geek Add-On enables me to write about things happening in the Legal Research world up here, north of the border. But today, I have the honour and privilege to share with all 3 Geeks Readers, who share my interest in technology, law libraries, and access to information about CanLII Connects. I am not the only one who has noticed, and it was recently profiled in the ABA’s Legal Rebels cause you know that’s how we roll up here. And, Connects, was also featured earlier in the year on Slaw with commentary by Connie Crosby. That post can be read here

But six or so months in, I thought I could highlight Connects, which is focused on building a community of contributors to promote the discussion and synthesis of legal issues, tying it all back to the primary law. What’s different about CanLII Connects is that it’s gathering and re-publishing existing case commentary as well as attracting new, original material. Connects launched in April and now has more than 30,000 documents, hundreds of members (lawyers, law students, professors, judges, and law librarians), dozens of law firm publisher accounts, and scores of contributing authors. 

I think this is important to share for a few reasons, first and foremost, Connects cuts through the clutter, providing commentary with your case law, which makes it easy for anyone to understand Canadian law. Whether, you are from here or otherwise. Secondly, its proof that there is innovation in legal internet content, not just more data being created which is always a refreshing change. Practice of law aside, Connects is also it’s a great place to look at the business of law as well. You can check out who is publishing, what they are saying and assess the impact. The fact that I get to share a Canadian legal tech and content story with a primarily American audience is just icing on the TimBit.  

So, next time you are looking for some Canadian content, check out CanLII Connects