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You have probably noticed that for the last several years, the 3 Geeks have actually been 4 regular geeks and a slew of occasional contributors.  When Ryan came on as a regular geek, we briefly considered changing the name of the site to 4 Geeks and a Law Blog, or maybe just The Geek Law Blog. One of us, and I’m not naming names, lobbied pretty hard for Toby Brown and the 3 Geeks Blog.  Needless to say, we decided that 3 Geeks was a successful brand on its own and we would keep the name no matter how many geeks we ended up with.

Today we are announcing a number of new contributors to our little blog! Yay! We have had extensive conversations with each of them and you will be seeing those complete interviews in the coming weeks, but right now we want to introduce you to your new Geeks and to share a few excerpts from our initial conversations. 

First up is our new feature editor and archivist, Jeffrey Brandt!  In addition to his other duties, Jeffrey will be editing a new newsletter called, Geek Law Stuff You Might Have Missed. GLSYMHM will be a weekly digest highlighting the best of 3 Geeks and whatever Nick Milton writes at Knoco Stories. So, it’s pretty much the same as his previous job at PinHawk.

[ed. Unfortunately, the audio and our notes of Jeffrey’s interview were destroyed in an ensuing kerfuffle, but trust us, Jeffrey is very “excited” to be joining 3 Geeks.]

Next is Jordan Furlong!

Greg: Jordan, you have been called “Canada’s answer to Toby Brown”. Now that you’re going to be working with…

Jordan:  Wait, who calls me that?

Ryan: Uh…now that you mention it, I’ve only heard Toby say it. 

Toby: Yeah, I say that all the time.

Greg: I thought it was a thing. It’s not a thing? 

Jordan: Definitely not a thing!

Greg: OK.  Never mind.  Moving on…

Next up is Ron Friedmann!  Ron is a long time friend of this blog. Ron will not be writing his own articles for 3 Geeks.  However, as Ron has proven himself to be one of the few people willing to call out Ryan for the stream of unfiltered BS he regularly spews, Ron will be given a counterpoint section at the end of each of Ryan’s posts.

Toby: Ron, thanks so much for coming. 

Ron: I’m happy to be here and to do my part to help the Geeks in any way I can.

Ryan: Do we really need this guy?!

Greg: Ron, as you know, we’re having trouble keeping Ryan’s ego in check.  We would have probably kicked him off of the blog already if it hadn’t been for your insightful and intelligent public take downs. We hate to get rid of him, because let’s face it, he is the funniest geek.

Ryan: Damn straight!

Ron: Yeah, you probably shouldn’t get rid of him. Even though he is very often wrong, Ryan is pretty funny. Without him, you guys would just be a less funny Above The Law.  On the other hand, even with him you’re kind of a less funny Above The Law.

Speaking of ATL, we have also managed to convince Brian Tannebaum to end his hiatus from his Above The Law column and to become an honorary Geek.

Brian: Geek!? I’m not a #%@(& Geek! I’m a %$#* Lawyer, you #%^&)!@ moron. What the #%)*$ to you know about lawyering? I’ve been an attorney for twenty #(!)&@* years. I know what my clients want and they don’t need any !$&%*# %#&!)~@!$ technology, they just need a…

We are hoping that Brian will bring a certain je ne sais quoi to 3 Geeks that has been missing from the beginning.

And finally, Bruce MacEwen and Kingsley Martin will be jointly contributing a regular column called, Over Your Head.

Bruce: In order to enhance equity investments, it is absolutely necessary to aggregate annual revenue on an economically sound platform to create unique quality vectors within the firm.

Kingsley: Obviously, I couldn’t agree more, Bruce. If we objectively target focused synergies into progressively incentivized alternative supply chains, then we can empower firms to produce standardized products, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Greg: … I… I definitely understood that last phrase.  Could we just go back… for a moment…?

So please give a warm and Geeky welcome to our newest contributors! Be sure to visit their blogs and follow them on Twitter. It might be a few more weeks before you see any of their brand new contributions on 3 Geeks.

Jeffrey Brandt @jeffrey_brandt 
Legal IT Professionals & PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest

Jordan Furlong @jordan_law21

Ron Friedmann @ronfriedmann
Prism Legal

Brian Tannebaum @btannebaum
Above The Law

Bruce MacEwen @BruceMacEwen
Adam Smith, Esq.

Kingsley Martin @Kingsley_Martin
KM Standards

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  • Inquiring minds want to know. Why are all your new Geeks men? Just wondering if you sought out to secure only new contributors who were men geeks or sought out any geeks male or female and just did not find any women geeks who fit the bill.

  • Steve

    Shame on you for not better diversifying your April Fools' joke!

  • I watch from the UK with interest. Over Your Head sounds awfully like In Over Your Head, which is the blog of Julien Smith but I'm sure yours will be nothing like his!

  • What Cheryl said. Also–why are they all white men?

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree with Cheryl. Looking forward to Ron's "Jane, oops Ryan, you ignorant slut" role.

  • Moe

    @Cheryl – Because no woman wants to get tangled up in all this tomfoolery?

  • @Moe You're probably right! Tomfoolery is for fools. 😉