Last week, AALL announced that it has selected HBR Consulting to lead a six-month project on a researched-based study that will identify the return on investment (ROI) of having a law library in an Academic, Private, and Court environment. As I had mentioned back in November when the Request for Proposal went out from AALL, this is the crown jewel project of AALL’s current President, Steven P. Anderson. I have had a first-row seat on this project being on the AALL Executive Board and can tell you that Anderson has been very passionate about this idea and how AALL can help those who work in law libraries by providing specific metrics on the value that they bring to their organizations. I am looking forward to the final product that AALL and HBR Consulting, hopefully sometime later this year.

Here is the official Press Release that came out last week.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kate Hagan,
AALL Executive Director

AALL Selects HBR Consulting to Conduct ROI Study

Chicago 2/27/2014—The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) today announced that HBR Consulting has been selected to conduct a research-based study on the important role law libraries play in today’s legal community.

“The objective of this project is to produce a comprehensive study of the return on investment and the consequent value proposition that law libraries provide,” said AALL President Steven P. Anderson.

“The last several years have brought fundamental changes to the legal profession and business of law,” he added. “These changes have served as an impetus for law libraries to transform their operations and services in varied and profound ways—and it is now imperative that law libraries demonstrate the value they bring in concise, measurable ways.”

Once the study is finalized, a full report with findings will be released. The report will include important metrics to calculate the return on investment that legal research and information professionals provide within the legal community. AALL will use the report to develop strategies for communicating the ROI of law libraries.

HBR Consulting is a global leader in legal research and information solutions. The HBR project team will be led by Kris Martin, Senior Director, and Constance Ard, Consultant, and consist of additional HBR professionals.

The project will begin immediately and should take about six months to complete.

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