One of the most challenging and rewarding achievements in my professional career was being elected to the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Executive Board. It is rewarding because I get exposure to a number of aspects of the profession that I would normally not find in my day to day work activities. It is challenging because the Association is very diverse and serves the needs of Information Professionals ranging from small county law libraries to multi-billion dollar law firms. From small law firms with a single librarian to Ivy League Colleges. Everyone has personal needs based upon their individual company, firm, court, or school mission, and the membership as a whole has a need to promote the profession and raise standards and awareness in order to display the total value the profession brings to the entire community. As a member of the Executive Board, the challenge can be in striking a balance between individual goals and overall professional goals.

That being said, the Executive Board welcomes four new members:

Vice President/President-Elect: Keith Ann Stiverson

(July 2014 – July 2015)

Secretary: Katherine K. Coolidge, Esq., MLIS

(July 2014 – July 2017)

Executive Board: John W. Adkins and Donna Nixon

(July 2014 – July 2017)

As I end my term at the July annual meeting in San Antonio, these four will add their names to the ranks of the many volunteers that dedicate a three-year commitment to the Association. My advice to them, and to anyone that desires to run for a position in AALL is that they listen to the needs of the membership, observe the current actions of the Executive Board, ask questions, speak frankly, respect the membership and the other board members (even when you disagree), and act in a way that you believe is in the best interest of the profession.

Good luck. I will see all of you in Chicago soon.