Postcard - Painted Map of Canada
Image [cc] Adam79

I’m not sure why, but I seem to have a high percentage of Canadian law library and legal industry friends. Plus, as far as I can tell, they are all much smarter than I am, too. So maybe I should just consider myself lucky that they are willing to be seen with me in public.

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries is hosting its annual conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s directly north of North Dakota, in case you’re looking for it on that map over there…), and the ever so lovely Karen Sawatzky has asked me to speak at the conference as a plenary for the conference themed “At the Confluence: Where Knowledge Meets Inspiration.” The conference will be held in a reportedly haunted hotel, and I hear that Winnepeg is actually quite nice between May 25th and 28th. 

Karen asked a favour of me to push out the CALL’s Call for Program Submissions. If you have any program ideas, please visit the page and fill out the submission.

I am really looking forward to going up and hanging out with many of the folks I see on Twitter or SLAW and going out for one or two or three of those strong Canadian beers after the sessions are over. If you’re going to be there, contact me and let me know!!