In this day and age of constant communications and observation, I guess the announcement from TLO shouldn’t surprise me as much as it did. It seems that TLO is launching a new service tomorrow that will use License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and will return to you the places, times and dates that those license plates (and presumably the car it is attached) were spotted by the LPR and give you “the historical whereabouts of both individuals and vehicles.”

I haven’t seen the reports yet, but I’m not sure whether I’m impressed that TLO has this ability now, or scared that this type of information is out there for public consumption. I’m also going to guess that this type of survellance to public record searching technology is only going to get bigger as time goes on.

So… in just reading this press release, are you:

  • impressed
  • scared
  • meh
  • moving to Europe

Important Admin Information: TLO Unveils Vehicle Sightings
Unveils Vehicle Sightings
Starting Thursday,
June 27, 2013
Administrator information – Please Read
Vehicle Sightings to be Released Tomorrow To TLOxp Users
state-of-the-art License
Plate Recognition (LPR)
technology, Vehicle Sightings
searches and reports provide valuable information for both locating
subjects and investigating the historical whereabouts of both individuals
and vehicles.
TLOxp’s Vehicle
Sightings Search
returns a free preview of nationwide sightings available for the subject
license plate.
TLOxp’s In-Depth
Vehicle Sightings Report
account receives 5 free reports!
powerful report provides detailed information including actual
photographs of the vehicle and plate with time and geographic stamps for
each individual sighting. Integrated with online mapping tools, visual
pinpoint location information is available with a single click.
  • If you utilize User

    for managing your users, you will need to activate Vehicle Sightings
    for your users. This can be done easily by clicking “My Account” and
    then selecting the “User Groups” tab.  Vehicle Sightings will
    be available for selection upon product release.
  • If you do not utilize
    User Groups
    Vehicle Sightings will be automatically available to your users upon
    release. You may customize your users’ access by setting up User
    Groups. Additionally, you may restrict access to this report upon
    release by clicking “My Account” and then selecting the “Users” tab.
PLEASE NOTE that this report is not included in any flat
rate or per seat pricing plans and is available only on a transactional
basis. After your account’s 5 free reports have been run, you will be
billed per report.
Vehicle Sightings
Report Pricing*
FREE Vehicle Sightings Reports, (Per
TLOxp account. Expires August 1, 2013)
per category Choose from current, recent, or historical.
Receive all three categories for one great price.
Sightings Reports are free during a TLOxp trial period.
questions or need assistance?
contact your sales representative or Customer Support at 888-493-2209