After reading the CNet article, “Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos,” I was ready to quit one of my favorite social networks.

Along with being a geek, I am also a very amateurish photographer. Not one to take photos of my feet or my food, I like to take what my mother calls “postcard” photos. Or, as my  sister has pointed asked me, “why do you always take pictures of hotel rooms?”

But thank the Lord, once again social media flexes its extraordinary muscle and Instragram subscribers forced the site to change its ways. Recalling the 2010 Facebook fiasco, angry subscriber posts, tweets and updates have showed Instragram who’s the real boss.

When I logged into Instragram tonight, fully intending to pull down my photos, I was happily surprised to read that it had clarified its policy and explained subscribers’ ownership rights. 

Thank goodness. Otherwise, I was looking forward to an evening or two of doing a bulk download to my rather unwieldy photo gallery.

So what does this have to do with legal geekery? Well, duh! Terms of Service, of course.

And as an added treat, here are a few of my photos. Copyrighted, of course.

Harris County Courthouse
© 2012 – Sophia Lisa Salazar

View from Discovery Green
© 2012 – Sophia Lisa Salazar

Uvalde Jail
© 2012 – Sophia Lisa Salazar

The back of the Uvalde Jail
© 2012 – Sophia Lisa Salazar