In a news day full of law firm mergers, there is a smaller merger that just happened that will cause some adjustment for those of us that deal with court filings. CaseFileXpress and LexisNexis File & Serve were spun off and now are a brand new company called File & ServeXpress.

Here’s the announcement I just received:

Dear Valued CaseFileXpress Client,
We have exciting news to share with you!
Today, CaseFileXpress® and LexisNexis’ File & Serve® were acquired by a newly formed company, File & ServeXpress, becoming the leading provider of e-Filing and stand-alone e-Service solutions to the legal industry—servicing over 165,000 users across 275 jurisdictions and processing more than 45 million documents annually.

File & ServeXpress, based in Irving, Texas, will continue to offer e-Filing and e-Service solutions that fit all types and sizes of courts, cases and practice areas and universally compatible e-Filing systems that connect directly to existing court document and case management systems.
As a client of CaseFileXpress, you will receive the same delivery team and 24×7 support and service that we have provided for the last nine years. This transfer of ownership will have no impact to your account and all of the following will remain the same:

As we work to combine the two companies, our focus will be to continue implementing requests from clients including, but not limited to, technology improvements, access to more jurisdictions, additional service offerings, and expanded customer support. We will continue to communicate with you as changes occur.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to continuing our relationship as your business partner.

Tamerlane Carter

Tamerlane Carter
File & ServeXpress