The week of October 22nd has a couple of excellent conference opportunities for the legal community. Both of these will have great content on adapting to change for the legal professions.

KM in the Legal Profession – Runs on the 24th and 25th in NY and is produced by the Ark-group.

Strangely, I will be leading off this program and moderating the first day. I say ‘strangely’ since I do not seem a logical choice to be talking about and promoting KM in law firms. When asked to participate, I suggested I might not be a good choice. My views on traditional law firm KM can be, at times, unpopular within the KM community. When I speak of KM, I usually preface my remarks with something like “Does enterprise search keep your Managing Partner up at night?” The obvious answer is no, suggesting KM has been playing too far from the bottom line.

As a consequence of my participation, the conference is focusing more on how KM can be tied to the bottom line – where it should be. Find out more about this conference, here.

The COLPM Futures Conference – Runs the 26th and 27th in D.C.

The College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) established this annual conference to focus on cutting edge challenges for legal professionals. As usual the program includes an impressive list of speakers (except me of course) and topics. As well the 2012 InnovAction Awards will be presented. To find out more about this conference and to register, go here.

Both of these will be excellent opportunities to learn more and get great ideas for managing the dynamic changes in the legal market. If you make either of these, make sure you say hi.