Remember my 2011 rant on fax machines? Well, it looks like someone finally figured out an electronic solution: HelloFax.

Super-easy to set up, I was able to get an account up and running in about five minutes. The hardest part was importing a photograph of my signature. For that, I signed a piece of white paper, snapped a photo of it with my Droid, emailed it to myself, downloaded the image to my desktop then import the image to HelloFax.


HelloFax choice 5 account tiers:

  1. Free: 5 free faxes, then $.99/fax, and 5 signature requests
  2. $4.99/Month: 50 faxes, 30-day free trial, and 10 signature requests
  3. $9.99/Month: 500 fax pages, 
    30-day free trial, fax multiple recipients, and unlimited signature requests
  4. $69.99/Month: 
    2000 fax pages,  30-day free trial, fax multiple recipients, and unlimited signature requests  

They’ve got some really nice features: a super-easy cover sheet; integration with DropBox, GoogleDrive and Box; and a way to integrate the system with your already existing fax number. HelloFax also sends a link with a  code to access a full-color, high resolution copy of the fax.

Also of note, back in April when GoogleDrive launched, HelloFax was its most installed app. I’m a little late to the launch party but that doesn’t dilute my enthusiasm!