I am no stranger to receiving strange gifts in the mail from publishers. I once got a box full of used horse shoes in a Thomson Reuters box. However, the gift I just received this morning may be a bit stranger than even the horse shoes. In my renewal notice (actually, it was the third renewal notice) from the Texas Supreme Court Journal, there was a pen tucked into the envelope. On one side of the Pen it says, “DEO CREDE” and on the other side it says “TRUST GOD.”

I double-checked the address again, and sure enough, it has come from the Texas Supreme Court Journal and is addressed to my office.

Now, I’m not one to criticize anyone’s religious beliefs, but this type of gift does seem to be a bit strange coming from something that (at least on the surface) looks like a State Government entity. A bit of researching, however, shows that the publisher is actually 303 Enterprises LLP out of Georgetown, Texas.

I’m going to chalk this one up to someone accidentally placing a pen in an envelope, sealing it, and not noticing that there was a big bulge in the envelope when it was sealed. Either that, or someone is praying for my soul, and asking God to lead me down the righteous path, which includes sending in my renewal payment for this year’s subscription.

Anyone else think of a good reason to put a “TRUST GOD” pen in with my renewal notice???