I just got back from ThomsonReuters HQ in Eagan, Minnesota (or as I like to call it – The Coldest Place on Earth!!) I met up with a group of great bloggers and legal publishers like Jason Wilson, Lisa Solomon, Tom Boone, Jason Eiseman, Carolyn Elefant, David Bilinsky and many more. I’m currently compiling all my notes, asking for screen shots, and drafting my response to the WestlawNext product and should have something for you tomorrow. However, there are two things that I wanted to share with you while I’m getting that post ready:
  1. My post on January 8th (the one I pulled down because they told me it was full of factual errors) wasn’t very far off the mark (and I was a little miffed that the Project Cobalt team made all of us sign a CDA and then gave “exclusive” interviews to the ABA Journal and the NY Times about the product. But, the CDA has expired and you’ll now see great things from those of us that took the trip to Eagan to talk with the Cobalt team. [Note: my apologies to Bob Ambrogi for listing him earlier, he was under the same CDA, but was notified it was lifted before he posted yesterday.]
  2. This one is actually funny. When I get back to the office this morning, I see a package from ThomsonReuters that looks a little… shall I say, weird, and a little beat-up. When I look inside the package (which was supposed to be some Louisiana resource materials) I find horseshoes. Now, I’ve gotten a lot of SWAG from the folks at ThomsonReuters in the past (see all those calendars behind the horseshoes…) but this was probably the best! Not only were they horseshoes, but they were used horseshoes to boot!! Nails and dirt and probably horse sh… er poop all ground in the grooves. I’m assuming that this ‘package’ got misdirected by the USPS, because the package had obviously been opened before it arrived at my office. So, I’m thinking this was someone’s idea of a joke… at least, I hope this wasn’t the calling card from someone up at ThomsonReuters…. or was it???