I read an interesting article in the AMA’s interview with David Edelman of McKinsey and Co. about moving away from the concept of the marketing model as a funnel.

Because of the new nature of marketing due to online commerce, Edelman proposes an alternative marketing model that they call the “Consumer Decision Journey.”

Working much like a clock, and beginning at 9 p.m., he suggests that customers:

  1. Consider
  2. Evaluate
  3. Purchase
  4. Post-purchase experience
  5. And, if it is a successful experience, they will begin a loyalty loop; if not, they will begin the “consider” stage again.
Well, I couldn’t help but think that if you considered this model in 3-D, it looks a lot like a cyclone. And the less you are considered, the more chaotic your marketing efforts must be.
So how does this model apply to as professional services providers and, specifically, law firms?
Yes, lawyers are not bought online. But, believe me, I know from first-hand experience, they are looked at online. And in this day and age, I can certainly tell you who a firm’s best marketers are just by looking at their web site.
Think of a law firm’s point of purchase to be when that firm is given an RFP. Then think about the post-purchase experience as how the potential clients react, respond, evaluate to the law firm’s response.
If a law firm is doing it right, they are in the Loyalty Loop and they are causing some serious damage in the courtrooms/boardrooms.
If not; well, all hell just broke lose.
Like Toto heard, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
Are you listening?