Recently Jason Wilson (of guest post fame) posted about his decision to attend TECHSHOW this year. He focused on the low e-discovery factor as a good reason to attend. I agree with him and echo the sentiment of feeling overwhelmed by e-discovery hype. Beyond that benefit, there are many other reasons to attend this year, not the least of which are the two sessions I will be presenting:

Yes, It’s Really Time for Value Billing

Jennifer Ellis will be co-presenting with me on this AFA topic. My intent at this session will be to impart nuts-and-bolts, practical advice on ‘How to” do AFAs. As a front-line law firm pricing guy I see all kinds of interesting AFA stuff every day. Some times I think my job changes daily. So I will share insights on how firms and lawyers can get their arms around this interesting and exciting topic. AFAs are truly driving change within the practice. So this should be a fun and educational session.
Day-to-Day Encryption
Scott Preston, Recovering CIO, will be co-presenting with me for this tech session. OK – on the surface encryption may sound exceedingly boring. Securing client (and firm) data is an old and noble duty of lawyers. But when you peel back the layers, this topic approaches the same dynamic changes as seen in the AFA world. Securing information is very much a moving target. So the day-to-day aspects of this challenge are constantly shifting. Just this week someone sent me an article on third party encryption of cloud-based data.
Finally – just ahead of TECHSHOW is the LexThink.1 program. This event gives presenters 6 minutes (sound like a familiar time segment?) to present on One Big Idea. Matt Homann puts this program together and it is always fun to attend. The presentation format also includes 20 slides that automatically progress at 18 second intervals. Topics and speakers are chosen by popular vote.
If you are so inclined, you can vote for my session. But you need to do so by midnight February 24th. Speaking of deadlines, February 24th is also the early bird registration deadline for TECHSHOW. If you plan on attending – and I suggest you do – make sure you sign-up now and take advantage of up to $200 in savings.
Hope to see you there!