Velocity App by ContentPilot LLC

As a lawyer, have you ever been at dinner with a client who asked you, “look, we’ve been having a real problem with a certain part of our business. Now I know this isn’t your bailiwick, but do you know if someone at your firm does this kind of work?”

Rather than looking like a deer caught in the headlights and watching a potential deal go down the drain, now you can whip out your handy new iPad app, Velocity.

Released in the third quarter of 2011, ContentPilot LLC bills Velocity as the first mobile app to drive sales for lawyers and professional services firms.

Sitting atop ContentPilot’s Cases & Deals product–aka, the firm’s experience database–a lawyer has instant access to his firm’s experience database from his smart device.

And with a squeaky-clean layout, the navigation is über-user-friendly. With a touch of a finger-tip, you can navigate to your firm’s practice lists, teams and phone-friendly descriptions of salient matters. It also show-cases the your own clients and practices, as well as keeping up with your client’s lastest news.

Right now, the news is just pulling from the client’s company web site. ContentPilot is hoping to partner with Manzama, a social media news aggregator, to develop a more robust news layout.

ContentPilot’s  Velocity app is the answer to the cross-selling dilemma that every lawyer in a large law firm faces: who does what in my firm?

Now, instead of having to try to remember the client’s question, go back to the office, remember to find the right guy, then trying to reconnect with your client, maybe even after he’s already found someone else, you can get it all done right there on the spot.

God, I love technology.