I heard this fun news item, “Turkey,
Cranberries And Composers At The Table
” on NPR this morning and thought I’d do it with a twist.

Which historical, legal celebrities would you want to invite to your Thanksgiving dinner? And to make it more fun, we will open it up to fictional figures, as well.

Here’s my short list:

  1. Atticus Finch – a southern gentlemen with the most reflective, eloquent style
  2. Horace Rumpole – a down-trodden British barrister with a wit as acerbic as the wine that he drank
  3. Abraham Lincoln – he’s my presidential crush
  4. Barbara Jordan – in the U.S. House of Representatives, she had the best voice!
How about you? Tell me who you’d like to share your turkey with and why.
  • I cannot imagine a better list.

    Perhaps I might add Forrest Bedford, the attorney played by Sam Waterston in the short-lived but extraordinary TV series I'll Fly Away. Bedford, named after one of the most racist Confederate generals and the first Wizard of the Klan, increasingly gets pulled into the Civil Rights movement in an unnamed Southern state during the mid-50s, allowing his views to evolve as the world around him changes. There's a guy I'd like to have dinner with.

  • Giuliano Chicco

    I would add two jurists. The first would be Judge Crater, I would be curious to find out what happened to him (and what he thought of the show).
    Secondly, I would invite Justice Thurgood Marshall. When asked how he would like to die, he is quoted as having said "In bed, shot by a jealous husband." He would be guaranteed to provide excellent dinner conversation!

  • I've always been a big believer in not meeting your heroes, as you'll only find out they are human (and probably jerks.) So, as much as I'd love to meet Thurgood Marshall, I'll pass and instead I'd like to meet Antonin Scalia.

    I know, he's not dead, but I think he would really make for some good conversations (I'd even bring some good wine to help start it all off.)

  • Now I'll have to go watch I'll Fly Away over the holidays, Steven! As for Thurgood, Giuliano, it only makes me wonder who the much admired woman was!

  • Patricia B

    I am confused about this post. Atticus Finch is not an historical figure. He is a fictional character albiet a beloved one. You need to pose this elephant posts with less ambiguity. Or maybe I am being too picky. – Good call on Scalia. Ruth Bader Ginsburg likes to hang out with him. – I loved I'll Fly Away. What a great show.