Have you ever worked for someone that thinks that the only way to make themselves look good is by tearing down the work of others? Compare that to the kind of boss that is surrounded by great people and the attitude is “I look good when my people do good things.” I have worked for both kinds of bosses, and I definitely prefer the latter style.

Although sometimes the “Us vs. Them” approach may get out of the gate a little faster than the “We” approach, over time that process tends to fall flat. Collaboration isn’t the easiest thing to do (especially if you have to work with other departments, offices, members, etc.) but, for long-term success, it is the best method.

So, the next time you want to point out how great you are by pointing out how bad “they” are, think of the two bosses above. The short-term good feeling you get from building ‘Us’ up by pointing out the flaws in others will come back to bite you when you need help from “them” later.