Download Fulbright’s Annual Litigation Trends Report

Well, guys, this is the 8th year that I have launched the online portion of Fulbright’sLitigation Trends Campaign.
Although it may appear to be just a simple download of a PDF, you really have no idea how much work goes into this.
And as any magician (i.e., IT + Marketing) will always tell you, what appears to be simple illusion usually takes years of trial and error, practice and digital dexterity to master.
What started off as a print and online campaign with a simple entry form has morphed into a pure online campaign with what I believe to be a unique online development: the ability to simultaneously download and register for an event without having to doubly enter your information.
Our IT guys are great at not only being responsive to our crazy marketing requests but also trying to stay two steps ahead of us.
Now we have all heard our share of IT v. Marketing wars but I have to say that after working with these guys for 8 years I have a profound respect for all that they have to deal with.

So check out what Fulbright’s IT team did—you can’t beat them for talent, creativity and plain old-fashioned work ethic.