Leave it up to Jean O’Grady to come up with a fascinating question to end the week. On her wonderful blog, Dewey B Strategic, she is running a quick and dirty survey on the “Best and Worst Legal Publishing Mergers.” Although, it is not a purely scientific survey, I suggest that you go over and fill out the short two-question survey and get your opinion in. I have to admit that in the “Best” category, I felt like I was picking the “least evil” of the mergers. Plus, I had a hard time pinning down which one I thought was the winner of the “Worst” category (as they have all caused a shrinking of the industry and, in my opinion at least, have contributed to the massive increase in overall costs of legal research over the past twenty or so years.

Here’s the link to Jean’s post (the survey link is there.) Go submit your winners/losers!!
I also updated the Thomson Reuters “Acquisitions” spreadsheet that Sarah Glassmeyer started a couple years ago. As you can see, the “hits” just keep coming! 
Note: These are just the mergers that I considered “Legal Publishing.” There were a number of Tax, Energy and Financial/Business News mergers as well.