Umm … anyone seen the cover of the ABA Journal??
A number of Bar’s advertising rules require that no actors or models should dramatize or simulate a portrayal of a lawyer.
Who IS this guy? He kinda looks like Charlie Sheen!?
One of my esteemed colleagues suggested that it may be a ticked-off paralegal, perhaps? 
Maybe he’s upset because, although he’s a rebel, all he can afford is a skateboard?
And why is he tie-ing one on? Because he realizes that the other ABA Legal Rebels didn’t have to fully bare their faces?

Then my last set of questions: can you, strictly speaking, be a legal rebel? Isn’t that an oxymoron? And by my challenging this whole matter, does it make me a de facto legal rebel? Or merely a de facto rebel? Or just an oxymoron?

An inquiring mind wants to know …