The Dewey B. Strategic blog has a great post on The Myth and the Madness of Cost Effective Lexis and Westlaw Research Training.” I highly recommend you take a look at it.
As I was reading the post and thinking about the challenges of better managing costs relative to legal research, it occurred to me what a client might think about this dialogue. Here’s what I came up with in response to the three issues.
1. Cost effective research training is a hopeless exercise.
Client: I don’t care.
2. Cost effective legal research training is counter-productive.
Client: Figure it out.
3. Subscribing to the myth of cost effective research training keeps the focus off the true culprits and keeps us from demanding a real solutions.
Client: Refer to #1.
Clients are dealing with cost savings efforts. Now it’s time for law firms to do the same. As my former boss and mentor used to say, “We’re all smart people. We can figure this out.”