I know that I should always remember this, but there are times when I start talking to someone proficient in technology about social media, and I can watch as a their eyes gloss over when I ask about integrating social media resources into existing technology. Now, to be quite fair, I get the same effect when I start talking to those proficient in social media about the steps it takes to integrate social media tools into the current technology.

So, just off the top of my head, here’s some signs to watch out for to determine if you’re talking to someone that is a technology person versus a social media person:

  • If you say “RSS” and they correct you to tell you it is “CSS” – Tech person
  • If you mention “Facebook” and they tell you how they are promoting their firm’s Facebook page – Social Media person
  • If you mention “Facebook” and they say “My Mom keeps trying to get me to join” – Tech person
  • If you mention “Twitter” and you get a five-minute commentary on its value – Social Media person
  • If you mention “Twitter” and you get a 140 character response on how who cares if you’re eating lunch?? – Tech person
  • If they say “Quora” is a great community Q&A site – Social Media person
  • If they reminiscent about how CompuServe BBS was a great Q&A site – Tech person
I’m sure there are a hundred different ways to tell the difference, but I have to tell you that sometimes I just forget. Now I have to go back and write “I must remember to not confuse “tech” skills with “social media” skills… and vice-versa” one-hundred more times on the blackboard.