We three Geeks, with the help of Librarian Extraordinaire Jan Rivers, conducted a brain analysis on ourselves.
How, you may wonder, do three seemingly normal, non-medically trained legalists do self-brain analysis?
With a little help from technology, of course!
Jan pointed us to a little online test at the Art Institute of Vancouver that runs a Right Brain versus Left Brain Creativity Test.
You would think that we three Geeks would be logical, linear and, well, geeky? Ah, contraire, my dear readers!
And the results are:
@gnawledge: 45% Left-Brained and 55% Right-Brained
@glambert: 41% Left-Brained and 59% Right-Brained
@lihsa: 46% Left-Brained and 54% Right-Brained
Perhaps that explains Toby’s stellar stage presence, Greg’s rocker ambitions and my penchant for poetry? Perhaps the better name for us would be the 3 Gleeks?
Or to put it another way, what do you get when you hook up three square geeks?
Why Geeks Cubed, of course–Geeks to the Third Power rule this house!