Legal Project Management (LPM) is a very hot topic. Everyone (including me) is writing and talking about its potential role in helping transform the legal industry. Aside from the various debates on its value and role, out of curiosity (and need) I started asking around for sample job descriptions. This request has gone out to law firms, consultants, vendors and even good ole fashion project managers.
The result: No one has a working LPM job description to share. I have found standard project manager ones (no surprise there), I have seen “analyst” type position descriptions, but no true LPM job descriptions.
My read on this: A) they don’t exist, or B) people are unwilling to share them. If it’s “A” then that is telling about the state of LPM’s evolution – that it is still all talk and no action. If it’s “B” that would speak to people thinking this type of knowledge gives then a competitive edge.
I’m guessing it’s more likely “A” but am happy to be proved wrong.
So – if you have an LPM job description, feel free to pass it along. Or, if you have one and prefer not to share it, I would appreciate hearing about that too.