I met with current SLA President, Cindy Romaine, a couple months ago and she told me about her project to launch a member-written blog for SLA members. The goal of the blog is to run for 365 days, with 365 posts describing what individual members are doing to prepare for the future of their industry. I have submitted my own post for the SLA Future Ready 365 blog, and suggest that if you are an SLA member, you should also contribute to this year-long project.

SLA Future Ready 365 Blog Press Release:
Introducing the Future Ready 365 Blog
As leaders of SLA, you’ve all undoubtedly heard about my Future Ready initiative. But how do we turn the initiative into action?
One of the many answers is the Future Ready 365 blog. The idea behind the project is captured in the title: a daily blog post throughout the year of 2011 about how we are an adaptable, resilient, future ready force of information professionals. For a sneak peak visit: futureready365.sla.org.
To make Future Ready 365 a success, we need your collaboration. Your perspective is unique and valuable. We’d like to hear from every corner of the SLA community and beyond. As leaders of SLA, Future Ready 365 needs your contribution for a strong beginning.
How do you contribute? It’s simple.
We need you to provide answers to any of the following questions:
  • How are you Future Ready? What are you doing to provide just what your client needs now and in the future?
  • If you are not ready for the future, what is getting in the way? If you feel stuck, and can identify the issue, we’d like to hear about it. It’s probably something that’s tripping up other members. 
  • Do you have an idea or example from your job of how you’ve become Future Ready? Give yourself a shout out! 
We will launch January 1st.
So far, we have commitments to post for almost every day of January. Your leadership and participation will push us over the top. By committing to one 250-word post, you’re making a world of difference and turning an idea into something tangible. Maybe you’ve got a few blog posts’ worth of ideas? Maybe you’ve got some other forms of media—videos, podcasts, links to articles you’re referring to? Even better!
For now:
  1. Think of ideas that might warrant a Future Ready 365 post.
  2. Ask members to offer their perspectives on becoming future ready information professionals.  
If you’d like to sign up for a certain date, please e-mail your suggested post to futureready365@sla.org at least one week in advance of the day you’ve chosen. Don’t wait, reserve your blog spot for 2011, and start thinking about what you’ll post to Future Ready 365. Join the “Future Ready Begins Today” subgroup of SLA on LinkedIn, and look out for the blog to appear on the SLA homepage on January 1st.
Collaboration means success!
To read share this information with your colleagues, go to: http://slaconnections.typepad.com/leadership_connections/