The Law Library staff at the University of Michigan (MLaw) has launched an educational campaign promoting the key benefits that the library offers. The library promotion points out the benefits that can help a student succeed during their time in law school. The MLaw Library Director, Margaret Leary, ticks off a few of the benefits they want to remind the students that are available in the law library:

  • a quite place to study
  • experts to help them with Legal Practice assignments
  • student journal work
  • research for seminar papers
  • selection of note topics for student journal competitions
  • and a lot more…
In addition to the poster campaign, MLaw Library is also promoting its Ask A Law Librarian live chat reference. (I actually used this service to get in touch with the folks at MLaw Library to prepare this story!!) The library still offers tradition email, phone and (gasp!) live in-person help, in addition to the chat service.
“The posters are augmented by new MLaw Library pins we wore during orientation, enhanced orientation sessions for the 1L’s and each student journal, and a new “lunch and learn” on Sundays, aimed at the student journals but open to anyone,” Leary explained in an email. She also knows that in addition to getting to those 1L’s early, it is also important to give them something to remember you by. Apparently, the quickest way to the 1L’s heart is through their stomachs. Leary goes on to claim that “the Library was the first to give the 1L’s free pizza, forever endearing them to us!” 
There are a number of posters hung around the law school promoting the library services and benefits to students, faculty and anyone else that wanders into the law library. Here’s the blurb for the poster promotion:

We’ve just launched an educational campaign to introduce students to library staff and remind students of some of the key benefits associated with library services. We want to keep the library’s tremendous resources front-and-center in the minds of our students as they consider research projects and papers in the course of the year. This “flipbook” presentation will introduce you to the posters appearing now throughout the Law School.

Go check out the posters and see if it piques your interest in how putting reminders of the services you provide “front-and-center” of your customers, clients, patrons, etc. helps determine the value that they see in you.