Well, Facebook?? Do You??

If there is one thing that social media has helped amplify, it’s the fact that stupid people do stupid things, and love to tell everyone about it. Case in point – Scott Harris of Staten Island, NY.

Seems that this 31 year-old man decided that shooting a .38 caliber pistol out the second floor window of his father’s house at 4:30 AM – after a few shots of liquor – would be a great idea.  (Yes, ladies, he’s 31 and lives with his dad and apparently is available…) One of his neighbors heard the shot and dialed 911 and alerted the police that they heard a shot (the news report doesn’t verify this, but I’m assuming the shot was prefaced by Harris’ repeated yelling of “YOU TALKIN’ TO ME??“)

In the good old days (read: pre-Facebook), the police would have canvased the neighborhood, looked for shell casings, interviewed some neighbors, and may or may not have found out that Harris was their drunken shooter. However, social media (combined with a severe case of the dumba**) has made investigations easier. Harris took the time to update his Facebook status about the “good idea” he had about shooting toward the swampland out his Dad’s window (just how is this guy still on the market??) The police found the Facebook update, tracked down Harris and he confessed to being the drunken–facebook–status–updating–shooter.

Long story short… Guns, Liquor and Facebook don’t seem to mix very well — especially if you’re an idiot.