While flipping through some of my daily BigLaw news feeds, I noticed a free service that Latham & Watkins offers all of us — The Books of Jargon on Corporate & Bank Finance, and Project Finance. So, if you need to know that in Project Finance, the term “LAER” actually stands for “Lowest Achievable Emission Rate”, or if your just learning some Bank Finance Slang and need to look competent when someone says something about a “Left-Side Arranger”, then L&W has come to your rescue. I also like the fact that the Finance ‘nerds’ at L&W are proud of what they’ve produced.  Here’s what they say about the Books of Jargon:

The attorneys at Latham & Watkins have authored multiple Books of Jargon which are intended to assist the newest members of the financial community in learning to ‘talk the talk’ of banking, capital markets and project finance. If you are a recent business or law school graduate or perhaps a not-so recent graduate, this on-line portal is for you. We love this stuff!

I didn’t emphasis that last sentence… they did!

Both books are written from a U.S. practice perspective, and of course, shouldn’t be construed as legal advice (you’ll need to pay them their hourly rate to get that benefit.) If you’re a want-to-be finance nerd, too, then go over at check out the sweet little freebie that the attorneys at Latham & Watkins have designed in their Books of Jargon.