Google Tinnitus = When you see a constant buzzing in your Gmail, and it won’t go away, more than likely, you have Google Buzz tinnitus.

We’re usually big fans here of social media, but I don’t think that Google Buzz has won any of the three of us over yet.  So, one of the first things I saw this morning when I logged onto my social media standby (Twitter) was “How Do I Shut Off Google Buzz??”  That’s a great question in need of a “How-To” answer.

Easy Way – Scroll to the bottom of Gmail and Click “turn off Buzz”

But, if you’re just not sure you want to completely turn it off, but just want to ‘hide’ it until you think you’re ready, then you can do it this way:

Step 1:  Open Gmail and click on on the “Settings” link in the upper right-hand corner. 

Step 2: From the Setting Page, click on “Labels” at the top center.

Step 3: On the “Labels” Page, under “Systems labels”, click ‘hide’ in the Buzz row.

And, viola!!  Buzz has been removed from your Gmail (labels at least.)  

I tested it with Toby, and all ‘Buzz’ alerts that normally go to my gmail inbox stopped.  However if you still end up with Buzz alerts in your inbox,  Lifehacker has a good explanation of how to remove Buzz updates from coming to your Gmail inbox.