I have been thinking about the new iPad.

Call me crazy, but I think it looks like a huge Etch-A-Sketch. I just want to shake it to see if it will clear the screen. Add two big round button in each of the bottom corners so I can scroll over the page. Is there an app for that?

Plus, aren’t you guys worried about that screen? Don’t you think it is going to get scratched up? And it is kind of big for when you are running down the runway to make that plane, juggling your iPad, your iPhone, your iPod and your one bag of luggage.

So you are just begging for a murse.

You do know what a murse is, right? It is the male equivalent of a purse.

All of you Apple types should be okay with that–you are a pretty liberal group, if I am any kind of judge.

Two more points about the iPad. When are they going to let us women have a go at these things? Don’t they realize how hard it is to use touch pads when you have acrylic nails? Come on you guys, let us have a seat at the testing table.

So you know what’s coming, right? a plug-in, retractable keyboard for the iPad.

And what’s this about not being Adobe-friendly (Market Place Media’s Apple Adobe at war over iPad)? I get that Stevie-o may become credited with being a visionary, swaying the tech marketplace to drink the HTML5 kool-aid. But I think that is being very David Koresh-like, Mr. Jobs. Now your messing with my shows. I like my Hulu and my Netflix.

Seems to me that you, Steven, are doing a bit of market manipulation through product design to move the economy you way … just sayin’.

So until I get a murse, a retractable keyboard and Adobe Flash, I won’t be getting an iPad.

Unless Mr. Jobs feels so inclined to give us 3 Geeks each one for testing purposes. But we are still waiting on those iPhones so I don’t guess it will be coming any time soon.