NOTE: I talked with a couple of the “Project Cobalt” team members who told me that there were a number of inaccuracies in my post (such as the name of the product won’t be called “West Next” or that Boolean searching isn’t available.)
Although most of these comments came from inside West, it looks like it was a lot of “guessing” on their part. So, I’m pulling this post off the blog.
As soon as I get more information from the Project Cobalt team, I’ll post more information (more accurate information, that is!!) on the new release.
Thanks to the West Project Cobalt team for pointing out some of the errors and promising me more direct information in the next couple of weeks. So… stay tuned!!
-Greg Lambert
  • "[T]here will be no database searching or Boolean searching available." Call me old school (or just call me), without a scope note I don't know what I'm searching, but I'm willing to give New Coke, er, West Next, a try, fer shure.

  • Does anyone know if/how the West 2.0 (Cobalt)redesign will impact their Compliance Advisor product? Curious if their redesign reaches into this area or if it is "standard" Westlaw.