On Monday, TweetDeck released a Beta version that now includes a way to monitor both Twitter and FaceBook all in one interface.  Watch the little video below to get an introduction.

(More on how I made this video in a later post)
I’ve been very impressed with how TweetDeck has managed to create a program that allows me to manage the large number of people I follow on Twitter.  I’ve never really been a big FaceBook user, but I do follow some old High School friends, monitor my son and his girl friend who are both in college in Memphis, and a few close professional colleagues.  
For a while now, I’ve been updating my FaceBook status using the Twitter App that is a part of FaceBook.  However, this has probably caused more confusion from my FaceBook friends than it was worth.   So, each time I put something on Twitter, it would automatically show up on FaceBook.  What it ended up doing was confusing my FaceBook friends (those that weren’t on Twitter.)  Especially if I “ReTweeted” something that someone else on Twitter posted.  
 The Twitter app on FaceBook was a good idea, but wasn’t really ready for prime time.
The TweetDeck “Twitter/FaceBook” option is a much better way to monitor and update both platforms.  First of all, it allows me the option to update either or both using a simple checkbox option on which platform I wish to update.

The view of the FaceBook status updates is also very clean.  When you compare it with the web version, it is very similar.  So, even for novices, there isn’t a big learning curve.
Get out there and test out the new TweetDeck Beta and enjoy the ability to use one tool to monitor and update two social media platforms.  It is very easy to install (you’ll be prompted to approve the application within FaceBook, and asked for your FaceBook credentials, and viola, you’re ready to play.)  The FaceBook checkbox is not checked by default, so when you’re ready to update FaceBook, you’ll need to make sure it is checked.  BTW – “Direct Messages” in Twitter will not go to FaceBook, even if you have the FaceBook checkbox checked (great proactive catch by TweetDeck!!).
Enjoy, and let me know what you think!!