No, this isn’t about turning Twitter into an online dating service.  This is about finding that special “business” contact on Twitter by using Twellow to help guide you in the right direction.  Why Twellow??  Because it indexes the biographical information that Twitter users and allows you to find people by who they say they are.  

Twellow has some good functions built into their site, but I have found that their categorization is “good” but not “great.”  So, use that if you want, but I’m going to let you in on a secret that will allow you to do some really good searching of Twellow, right from the search text box.
Let’s say you want to find a list of all the CEO’s that have Twitter accounts.  You could easily enter CEO into the search screen and come back with a list of 1,300+ Twitter accounts (of which you can actually view the top 1,000.)  But, I’ve discovered that Twellow has a couple of hidden “features” in its search function.  Using these features can really help narrow, or expand your results list.
Search Functions:
  1. “&”  = AND function.  So, you can look for CEO & Zappos
  2. “|”   = OR function.  You can search for CTO | CKO
  3. ” ”    = [quotes]  Exact String Search.  Find “Law Librarian”
  4. “-”  = NOT function.  Find Lawyer -blogger
  5. “( term )” = Group Function.  Find (lawyer | attorney) California
Still with me??
Good.  Let’s put this to use and start finding some contacts that we can build upon!!
CFO OR CMO OR CIO OR CTO OR CKO “C-Level” Twitters (500+)
As you can see from these searches, you can narrow or expand your searches within Twellow to help find that special someone.
Contact me via Twitter, if you need help constructing your searches.  Good luck!  I only ask for a 10% commission on any new business you bring in!!  (just kidding…)
NOTE:  If you don’t put meaningful information in your bio, then people won’t be able to find you.  So, if you’re one of those that likes metaphysical descriptions of themselves (like – “I’m a caffeine addicted maniac located somewhere on the Internet), I hope you weren’t planning on using Twitter as a networking tool to help your business.  You can still be cute, but at least put the basic keywords in your bio that you’d like people to find.