In case you didn’t know this, all the geeks on this Blog are based out of beautiful warm and sunny Houston, Texas (oh, okay….  hot and humid Houston – but it is still beautiful!)  And, unless you’ve been under a rock, we have a little hurricane coming down on us in the next couple of days.

This brings me to the “geeky” part of the posting.  How does one stay in contact with others during these type of natural disasters??  When California had its earthquake a couple of months ago, the cell phones went out, but the land line phones stayed operational.  That just kind of goes against what I thought would happen.  And, because I’m all geeky, I don’t have a land line at my house, so I’m assuming that the cell phone towers will be the first thing to fail during the storm.
So, how does one communicate with no land line and no cell phone service??  According to Ernie the Attorney, the answer is “Twitter.”  
I thought I’d try this out during Gustav, but that storm went east of us.  But, it looks like we’re dead on for a nice little bout of rain and wind with Mr. Ike, so I’ll get to put Twitter to the test.
If you have nothing else to do, or you have some sick morbid sense of humor and want to follow the situation through IKE, you can follow my “Twittering”!!