A term like ‘paperless marketing’ conjures up thoughts of e-mails. But I saw a new technology, used in marketing that caught my eye. It’s offered by nxtBook Media and creates an online version of a magazine or catalog that actually looks and feels like a paper one, but incorporates interesting technology tools to create motion and interaction. The company website includes a sample page.

Once you open one up, you are looking at a familiar magazine. When you turn a page … it turns as it writes the image for the next page. I discovered this through an e-mail on marketing enterprise search. I clicked on the topic in the e-mail and went straight to the page in the magazine I requested. Then I started turning pages. When I went to print – I was given the option of selecting a page range right within the site.

This comes across as a next generation PDF tool that has a definite marketing sizzle. It got my attention, which is more difficult these days, given the amount of information I consume and the gee-whiz technology I encounter.

I suggest taking a look at it and considering ways you might use it, both for getting attention and for the practicality of the tool.