Recently LexisNexis, via their Martindale service, added a new feature. For law firm profiles, there is now a LinkedIn button next to the firm’s name. This button is a signal of things to come. Directly from the mouth of the Lexis CEO – is that there is a deal between the two companies and Martindale is looking to morph into more of a social-networking tool.

Currently the LinkedIn button is just a way for exposing your LinkedIn account into the Martindale service. From what I hear, this linking will only be available for lawyers as a way to connect with other lawyers. This of course limits who can and will participate. I can see the reasoning for staying lawyer focused (Martindale’s tradition), but social networks grow organically. Maybe they’re hoping for a Bonsai tree type growth.

Who knows what direction this will all take. In the meantime, I have submitted a request to the LinkedIn Marketing Director on the subject and Lexis has promised me more information on their arrangement with LinkedIn.

Stay tuned.