AI Generated Librarian as a machine editing a podcast.

This is going to be something that all of you will find “interesting,” but maybe not something that you will like. Last week on 3 Geeks, I posted a blog that talked about how to use AI to generate summaries of legal articles. This week, I wanted to expand on that project a little and see if I could turn the summaries into a podcast. The goal was to try to get it completely automated, and completely AI generated. Well… as you can see from the title of this episode, it was almost completely automated, and AI generated. But not 100%.

Here’s the process I created, and I attached the mp3 of the output.
  • RSS Feed that tracks new BigLaw Podcast Episodes.
  • Use a Python script to pull the episode information.
  • Use GPT to create a description of the episode.
  • Use Descript to translate the text summaries into voice output. (I did lightly edit these with an intro and outro as well as tweak the transitions between each review.)
  • Use Soundraw to create an intro/outro music.
  • Combine in Audacity.
  • Output in mp3.
All of these tools are actually free, except for GPT, which is about $0.01 or less per article.
This is far from perfect, but it is kind of cool, and I think there are some uses for these tools.
Whether you love this, hate this, or don’t really care, I’d like to hear what you think!!
(The AI Generated part starts at the 6:50 mark.)

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