Clients will do a lot of things to get out of legal predicaments, but Mr. Immortal would literally prefer to die than listen to attorneys and paralegals arguing.

In Episode Six, “Just Jen,” it looks like Disney+ was trying to save on CGI costs. That issue to the side, we look at three parts of the show that looks at legal issues ranging from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to divorce laws and when is a dead spouse, not really dead. Sprinkle in a little assault with a deadly superpowered weapon, and you have a full rundown of this week’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Can an Attorney Really Ever Take Time Off?

Jennifer Walters is asked to be a brides maid for an inconvenient Thursday wedding. (Really, aren’t all wedding inconvenient?) But, how does taking a couple day off for an attorney at a BigLaw firm affect those all important billable hours?

If You Cannot Die… Can You Fake It (and end a marriage)?

Mr. Immortal is a new client of GLK/H and is needing to negotiate a divorce settlement. With eight former spouses. Mallory Book and Nikki Ramos are there to represent him, but their hearts aren’t really in it. This quasi-arbitration/divorce settlement brings in some interesting concessions, and somehow they keep Mr. Immortal from jumping out another window.

Intelligencia – The Website for Man-Babies

Speech is protected, even in the MCU. But, there is some serious hate-speech directed at She-Hulk in this episode through the Intelligencia website. This mix between Reddit and 4Chan tests the limits of free speech in Earth 616 and in our own world. What’s protected, and what is outside the protections of the laws? It’s an issue that all universes apparently face.\

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